$ 80.00


  • Feather-weight
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Aggressive tread
  • Closest to barefoot feel

Product Info

The Warriors are our thinnest, most agile sandals. They are durable and flexible with an aggressive tread that keeps you grounded. It's the closest thing to being barefoot while still keeping your feet protected. You'll find yourself equally at home in Warriors on forest trail runs, playing frisbee in the park with the grass between your toes, or doing yoga under a brilliant sunrise.

Compare to Other Shamma Sandals

The Warrior’s soling material provides you with the most flexibility of all our models. It is the lightest and the thinnest of our line-up and geared for minimalist runners, barefoot enthusiasts, and anyone who hates a weighty shoe. Trail runners and hikers that like to know exactly how their feet are positioned will love the flexibility in these durable but incredibly thin soles. The Warriors take a bit longer to form up to your feet than the Jerusalem Cruisers because of their dense soling material.

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