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Ideal for Trails and Off-road TerrainWarriors – Ultra-Lightweight, Incredibly Flexible, Perfect for Conquering the Trail.

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Product Description

The Warriors are a minimalist’s runners dream. The Warriors are our thinnest sandals. They are light and flexible with an aggressive tread that keeps you agile and surefooted. These sandals are ideal for technical trail running and uneven terrain, where ground-feel is key.


The soles of the Warriors are 5 mm of Vibram Newflex rubber. They are lightweight and flexible. This highly durable soling material is perfect for trail runs and off-road conditions. The tread pattern is very aggressive, providing you with the traction you need to stay on the path – or go off it, where these sandals were born to take you.

Foot Bed

Warriors come topped with our Tobacco Brown Goatskin Leather. The goatskin is our toughest leather and has a supple texture to it. It’s harder to scratch or damage and holds up well in rough conditions. It’s comfortable, fairly soft and very durable. It has a good foot-hugging feel to it. We can also make them in black goatskin if you ask.

No-Sweat Lacing System

Our premium laces are constructed of the highest quality materials. They have a durable molded plug (no knots, no blowouts in bad situations), super strong 11/16” tubular webbing (3000 lbs break strength, you could lift a tree and fight off a bear with it!), and are velvety smooth against your skin. Our laces also have a comfortable suede heel strap jacket which keeps your sandals snug to your heels. The buckle allows for precise location of the lace according to where you want them on your feet. We use a hook and loop fastener (think Velcro®) to tighten the laces quickly and easily, with no sweat over tying knots (like traditional huaraches) or fiddling with complex lacing schemes!

Compared to other Shamma sandals

The Warrior’s soling material provides you with the most flexibility of all our models. It is the lightest and the thinnest of our line-up and geared for runners that really want to go minimalist. Trail runners and hikers that like to know exactly how their feet are positioned will love the flexibility in these durable but incredibly thin soles. The warriors take a bit longer to form up to your feet than the Jerusalem Cruisers because of their tough foot-bed material. All Warriors are topped with Premium Sheepskin Leather.

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  • Updated Minimalist, Barefoot Design: Really feels like you’re in bare feet, but with the durability of modern materials!
  • Trail Killer: Feather-weight yet durable, Warriors are perfect for all of your outdoor adventures.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Every pair Hand-Crafted in Santa Cruz, California.
  • Durable: Made with materials from Vibram, the world’s leading foot-sole materials company. At 5mm thick, our soles are incredibly light, form to your feet, and give you amazing ground feel with protection.
  • Custom Shapes: Our soles have been designed and engineered specifically for barefoot and minimalist runners.
  • Off-Road Tread: The tread pattern is very aggressive, providing you with the traction you need to stay on the path – or off it.
  • Premium Sheepskin Leather Foot-beds: Comfort and style: you’ll also notice that sheepskin has a particular grippy, tacky quality that provides more traction for your foot on top of the sandal.
No-Sweat Lacing System
  • Durable Molded Plug: No knots, and no blowouts in bad situations.
  • Tubular Nylon Webbing Super strong 11/16” tubular webbing with a 3000 lbs break strength!
  • Hook and Loop Fastener: Quick, easy fitting and adjusting on the go.
  • Suede Heel Strap Jacket: Comfortable suede keeps your sandals snug to your heels and prevents slipping.

13 reviews for Warriors

  1. Danijel M.
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    As promised; here is my review.

    I had to test them for a year before writing it though.

    These are very durable and materials wore minimally after a year of hard use. Sole will definitely not ware out fast as Nathaniel suggested on his review here. I took them running, hiking, walking, shopping, living… on regular basis. I never managed to adjust them perfectly but that is to be expected since they are very thin and tighten only by a strap. Some version of “tech strap” like Luna now uses would be useful to keep that heel strap on (the elastic part somewhat helps though).

    Leather on the heal is comfortable. Goatskin on the foot bed however is smooth so therefore your foot will stick to it which can get a bit irritating. It would be good if there was a relief texture on it or maybe even if it where brushed. [Josh; as an experiment you could maybe try and glue the skin on one pair upside down – so the smooth part gets glued on the rubber and brushed part gets on top]

    Bare in mind that I give a lot of attention to detail and these are the things that many users won’t even notice. So I’m giving them four stars not because they are not excellent but because there is room for improvement.

    In the end of the day these are the best summer shoes I’ve ever had – no matter if you are into barefoot or just looking to get your flip flops replaced; consider getting at least a pair from Shamma’s range.

  2. Spencer
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I never write product reviews, so here goes:

    Stop thinking about it, just buy these already.

    They’re fantastic. I bought them for everyday summer wear, not running. I’ve had them for almost two years, their holding up great and their super comfy! I’ve had plenty of compliments and some people interested in getting them for themselves. Like I said, just buy them; it’s worth it.

    Excellent sandals guys. Keep up the good work.

  3. michael
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Really love these sandals. I have been running/using them for daily use for a few months now. Very comfortable and are the best looking running sandals in my opinion. I was also pleased with the customer service which is a big plus. The only concern I have is with the straps. I wonder how long the straps will last. I already have some pretty good wear on them and it hasn’t been very long. Would be nice to have replacement straps available to purchase. Other than that they are GREAT.

  4. Jason
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Solid construction, amazing traction, and surprising comfort. Despite being extremely lightweight, my Warriors have held up quite well over a wide variety of terrain these past few months. Josh was also very accommodating in speeding my order, so that I could take these with me as I traveled overseas.

    A couple of criticisms:
    I wear size 14, and the toe post seems a bit too far forward, resulting in the sandal sliding back slightly on my foot. Strap adjustment helps, but never quite alleviates the issue. Also, while the sole of the sandal has incredible traction, the leather footbed- not as much. In rain, my foot will actually “hydroplane” on the leather itself. (Granted, I may be the rare individual who chooses to jog down a rainy street in barefoot sandals, but I thought I’d relate the experience.)

    Great sandals overall; thanks Shamma!

  5. Jacob Huff
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I am a minimalist running enthusiast and distance junkie. I have been running in Vibrams for two years and I have run three marathons now in them. As I love minimalist running and as barefoot isn’t an option in China (I live in Shanghai) I decided this summer to try out running sandals.
    Do to a great review I read of these on Birthday Shoes I bought a pair of the Warriors. I also bought the Xero Shoes Amori Cloud (also based on the site’s review) and both pair where waiting for me when I took a trip home. I really like both pairs but the Warriors are a dream to run in! I ran in the Amori first because out of the box the strapping wasn’t a good fit for me on my Warriors. Side note: I emailed Josh and he was very helpful and returned my sandals to me with adjusted straps right away. So ran in the Amori, it was ok, after a few runs I got used to them but didn’t fall in love. Now, I actually use my Warriors for running and my Xeros for walking around. That said, if you offered me a fair trade, another pair of Warriors for my Xeros, I would take it. The Warriors have less extra material around the foot. They also fit more snugly. I like the toe post better on the Amori and I like that it is good to go in the water with but I like everything else about the Warriors better.
    The day I got my Warriors back was the first day I ran in them and I haven’t run in the Amori since. I have now run 175.8km in them. I have run in them on road and on some very technical and rocky trail and loved them in both situations. My longest run in them so far was yesterday when I ran 30km in them. I fully expect to be running my next marathon in my Shamma Warriors.

    I will not likely run in anything else until winter.


    Great ground feel
    Leather foot bed feels nice
    Leaves room for natural foot motion but doesn’t have annoying “extra”
    Strapping fits snugly and the shoe doesn’t slip around
    Leather heal strap is nice and makes it very comfortable back there

    Price is a bit high
    Toe post is ok but not the best (like Amori toe post better)
    Leather heal strap stains my Achilles tendon black (but it is worth it for the added comfort and is removable if it ticked me off to much)

    All in all if you are looking for a very minimal sandal for walking or running and you want great ground feel then look no further. I give it a buy!

  6. Gareth Jones
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Hi there, I’ve clocked up a 100 or so miles of mountain trails in my Warriors since I got them last month, really great sandals, my other minimalist foot-ware has been relegated to the shoe-box.

    The Warriors provide great traction, are easy to adjust and look fabulous. Many thanks Josh.

    Looking forward to the Mountain Goats you’ve been working on for very rugged terrain :)

  7. Nathaniel Hughes
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Pretty awesome. Very comfortable. I get lots of compliments about them from various people. I have been bushwhacking in the catskills with them and these held up great. You can really feel the ground. I will buy again. My only calm is that they are bit expensive because the sole is so thin it will wear out fast.

    • 12admin


      Thanks for the review Nathan! About the soles – while most sandals use something like evo foam which wears through quickly, Warriors use a much denser material that lasts much longer because of its durability. On top of that, if you do manage to wear through them, we have a sole replacement program for all Shamma Sandals with a big discount for you guys. Cheers,

      – Daniel

  8. Christina
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    These have been a fantastic step up from Xero shoes. They’re great looking and more importantly super stable. The straps are nice and wide and I never feel like I’m going to slip out while on more technical terrain. Highly recommended!

  9. Sanad Toukhly
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    These sandals are very well made, they’ve quickly become my favorite footwear of all time. I wear them everywhere except when I’m at work (I would if I could!). I’ve had no issues with blisters from running with these. The strap design is extremely comfortable and very easy to adjust. I can slip in and out of them in no time. The leather footbed feels awesome. I highly recommend these.

  10. Allie Gee
    5 out of 5


    I absolutely love my Warrior sandals! I go to the beach a lot and they have been wonderful for running and walking on the sand. For the last 10+ years I have lived religiously in Rainbow sandals, and my Warriors are the first pair of sandals that I can honestly say make the best competition with Rainbows. They are so incredibly comfortable and mold to your foot instantly. The adjustable strap makes it so easy to fit them exactly how I want it, and it stays strapped on tightly without having to readjust at all during my workout. I highly recommend Shamma sandals for those who want minimal confinement. I can’t stand wearing shoes (sandals are kind of my thing-rain or shine) so when I heard about a running “shoe” in sandal form I had to check it out for myself. I am not disappointed in the least, and needless to say, they are well worth it! Thank you Shamma Sandals for rockin’ my world! <3

  11. Dana Kaiser-Davidson
    5 out of 5


    I love my new Warrior sandals. I was surprised how comfortable and relaxed my feet feel when wearing the sandals. I agree that the grip of the sandal has been awesome in my walks around town. The adjustable strap piece makes it easy to adjust the fit of the sandal on my foot. I love that I can wear them for exercise and going out in the town. Thank you Shamma sandals! I am hooked.

  12. Keiley Bosinger
    5 out of 5


    My running terrain ranges from easy going, such as the beach or pavement, to more aggressive state park trails and creek walks. I switched from sneakers to the warriors and immediately felt what I’de been missing. The grip on these sandals is unbeatable, putting them to the test on steep rock inclines was a blast! I’m a huge fan of how the sandals are adjustable throughout so I can adjust them individually for each foot. The sandal literally hugs my foot, the sole being unbelievably flexible for how durable it is. I love the sheep skin for comfort and grip, as well as how good they look with a pair of jeans! I am impressed and satisfied overall with the Warriors, I’m officially converted to running in Shamma sandals!

  13. Trinity McWillliams
    5 out of 5


    I trail run and hike so it’s important to have a sandal that has traction. This sandal not only provides traction but is comfortable. I have two other different shamma sandals and the Warriors are my favorite by far. The new adjustable strap piece is easier to use for me when adjusting the straps for the perfect fit. Thanks Shamma Sandals for these!

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