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TrailStar Omega Pre-order

New Shamma Lacing, new possibilities- TrailStars are designed to take on the toughest trails while keeping you comfortably secure. TrailStar Omegas have whole new lacing system, which connects the forefoot and big toe to the sandal like never before. With the Trailstars, you get shoe-level connection to the sole, using our proprietary Forefoot UltraStrap and SoleAnchors. Forefoot UltraStraps and SoleAnchors allow total control over your adjustments, to give you a perfect fit.  All this in minimalist sandal that allows for flexibility and natural foot movement.


TrailStar Omegas share the same rugged sole as the Alphas and Mountain Goats only thicker. The main difference between them is the 8mm Vibram Newflex. 

 Sole composition and stack height:

  • 8mm Vibram Newflex
  • 6mm Vibram Morflex
  • 1mm UltraGrip footbed
  • Total stack height of 15mm.


TrailStar Omegas are available for Pre-Order, orders will be fulfilled after March 1st. Order now to beat the launch date rush ensure you get your TrailStar Omegas as soon as possible!

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