Chargers LE

Tap into your natural strength - Regain your form, balance, and movement. Chargers are light and responsive without a trace of floppiness. Smooth on the road and rock solid on the trail. The Chargers LE takes our tested Chargers platform and incorporates our durable goatskin leather into the footbed.

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    Hand Selected Materials

    Our individually selected rubber and leather is tough and durable. Perfect for running, these materials bring comfort and refinement to our sandals. No-slip Insole / Outsole post design keeps the heel strap up and in position at all times.

    elite lacing system

    Elite Lacing System

    Our fifth generation lacing system is the most comfortable and secure system out there. With three adjustment zones it's easy to get the perfect fit. Constructed and lined with Toray Ultrasuede® for maximum comfort, these laces hug and contour to your feet.

    High Performance

    The lightweight minimal design of Shamma Sandals make them ideal for running. Especially hitting the trail at high speed, Shammas are the ultimate minimalist running sandal. The flexibility of the sole coupled with the Elite Lacing System, make the sandals feel more like a glove than traditional sandals. 

    high performance
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      JJ E.
      United States

      Everyday Sandal

      Definitely more on the barefoot side so probably not the best for technical hikes but these are fantastic for everyday use. The strapping system takes a couple days to get perfect but once you find your fit these are super comfortable. I switched from wearing thick soled birkenstocks to these and my feet are thanking me

      Victor O.
      United States United States

      Good Pair of Sandals

      Good no complaints

      Louis S.
      United States United States

      Best Sandals I've Ever Had

      I've bought sandals from 3 barefoot/minimalist shoes companies since I transitioned from normal footwear for running reasons, and Shamma has been the best pair by far, I've gotten no blisters from them and that's rare for me along with the fact that they're super comfortable especially over long runs; plus the leather is amazing. The one thing I needed was a power strap to have a more secure fit but I expected that.

      Shamma Sandals Chargers LE ReviewShamma Sandals Chargers LE Review
      Joe R.
      United States United States

      Great Sandals

      I wear them nearly all the time unless there is snow on the ground. Fit good and great ground feel. I wear them on some fairly rocky terrain when walking my dogs. In the three years I've been wearing them, I've noticed a big strength increase in ankles and feet. For backpacking and long day hikes, I wear my Mountain Goats. I've tried Bedrocks and much prefer Shamma.

      Robert H.
      United States United States

      Best minimalist sandals I've ever owned

      I received my Chargers LE only two days ago, but already they have become my all-time favorite minimalist sandals. For background: In addition to this new pair, I have also worn a pair of Old Goats for about three years and two pairs of regular Chargers (no leather) for a year and a half. So I am very familiar with Shamma sandals (and have left positive reviews of Shamma sandals before). I have also had several pairs of minimalist sandals from another manufacturer, which I also like, but not quite as much as Shamma sandals. What blows me away about the Chargers LE is the goat leather footbed. The Old Goats also have a leather footbed, but it is made of cowhide. The goat leather on the Chargers LE is super soft and comfortable and, according to some quick online research, also very durable, light, flexible and water resistant. I was already in love with the excellent ground feel and slight bounce of the soles of my regular Chargers, but this new pair takes things to another level yet. The sandals are just so comfy, they are all I want to wear from now on. I will still use my regular chargers on more challenging hikes, as the ultragrip footbed provides more grip than the leather footbed. And I will wear the Old Goats more as a fashion statement from time to time, as I really like the all-leather look. A word about grip and traction in general: When I received my first pair of Chargers (the ones without the leather footbed), I did not expect the smooth sole to provide much traction in steep, rocky terrain, like fire roads running through steep hills here in Southern California and bought them mostly for everyday wear. But I was wrong. The Chargers provide excellent traction on steep hills. The reason is that the ground feel is so good with the smooth soles and the soles are so flexible, that it's almost as if I am walking barefoot. Basically, my feet are doing the work that "normally" is done by the rugged outsoles of a hiking boot or hiking sandal. Think about it: Our bare feet have no lugs on the bottom, do they? Yet they provide great traction on most natural surfaces. Yes, there will be a learning curve if you have never worn minimalist sandals before, but your feet will know what to do when given a chance. Once you have experienced the beauty of actually feeling the ground, you will never want to go back to thick soles. I no longer even own any non-minimalist footwear at this point. One caveat: The smooth soles of the Chargers don't work well on wet man-made surfaces, like smooth walkways during or right after a rain. But it hardly ever rains here in Southern California, so I don't have to worry about that. ;-)

      Thinking of transitioning to barefoot running?