Shamma Warriors LE Leather Sandals
Shamma Warriors LE Sandals profiles
Shamma Warriors LE with Leather Sandals Top and Bottom
Shamma Warriors with Leather Sandals and Power Straps
Shamma Sandals Warriors LE stump and grass
Warriors Sandals Leather on log
Running in Shamma Warriors sandals
Shamma Sandals Warriors relaxing feet on bench
Shamma Sandals Warriors top view on tree stump

Warriors LE

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Unleash your feet

Light, agile, fast - Designed for the hardcore minimalist. Extremely flexible, ultra-light, and tons of traction. For those who want a sandal with the least amount of material between their feet and the ground.

Razor Thin
Aggressive Tread
  • Thickness (inside tread): 2.5mm-3mm
  • Thickness (total with tread): 5mm-6mm
  • Weight: approximately 3.3oz / sandal (at size 9)



We use 5mm Vibram® 8870 Newflex for it's great traction and durability. This material is extremely flexible and will hold the contour of your foot as it bends and flexes. The result is a very responsive sole with great traction off-road and superior ground-feel.

Foot-Healthy Shape

Redesigned Shamma sole pattern gives your feet more room to spread out naturally.


Individually selected American tobacco-brown goatskin leather is tough and durable. Perfect for running, this leather brings comfort and refinement to the Warriors. Best in dry conditions, it becomes tackier with small amounts of moisture like footsweat.

Elite Lacing System

Our fifth generation lacing system is the most comfortable and secure system out there. With three adjustment zones it's easy to get the perfect fit. Constructed and lined with Toray Ultrasuede® for maximum comfort, these laces hug and contour to your feet.

No-Slip Design

No-slip Insole / Outsole post design keeps the heel strap up and in position at all times.


The lightweight minimal design of the Warriors LE makes them ideal for running. Especially hitting the trail at high speed, Warriors LE are the ultimate minimalist running sandal.


The flexibility of the sole coupled with the Elite Lacing System, make the Warriors LE feel more like a glove than sandals. Leather only makes it better!


  • Footbed
    Tobacco Brown Goatskin Leather
  • Weight
  • Sole
    5mm 8870 Vibram® Newflex
  • Stack Height
    6mm (5mm sole + 1mm footbed)
  • Lacing System
    • Elite Lacing System
    • 3 adjustment zones
    • Hook & loop fastening
    • Ultrasuede® lining and construction
    • 2nd-Gen Shamma Buckle
    • No-slip Heel Strap
    • A&E Mil-Spec thread
  • Color
    Black/Tobacco Brown
  • Recraftable ⓘ
  • Manufacturing
    Handmade in USA

Shamma Size US Men’s US Women’s Sandal Length (Inches) Templates
4 N/A 5 8.875 print-icon PDF
4.5 N/A 5.5 9.125 print-icon PDF
5 N/A 6 9.25 print-icon PDF
5.5 N/A 6.5 9.4375 print-icon PDF
6 6 7 9.625 print-icon PDF
6.5 6.5 7.5 – 8 9.875 print-icon PDF
7 7 8.5 10 print-icon PDF
7.5 7.5 8.5 – 9 10.125 print-icon PDF
8 8 9 – 9.5 10.3125 print-icon PDF
8.5 8.5 9.5 – 10 10.5 print-icon PDF
9 9 10 – 10.5 10.625 print-icon PDF
9.5 9.5 10.5 – 11 10.8125 print-icon PDF
10 10 11 – 11.5 10.9375 print-icon PDF
10.5 10.5 11.5 – 12 11.125 print-icon PDF
11 11 12 11.3125 print-icon PDF
11.5 11.5 N/A 11.5 print-icon PDF
12 12 N/A 11.625 print-icon PDF
12.5 12.5 N/A 11.765 print-icon PDF
13 13 N/A 11.9375 print-icon PDF
14 14 N/A 12.25 print-icon PDF

NOTE: Make sure your printer doesn’t resize or shrink to fit when printing! Larger sizes will need to be printed Poster across 2 sheets of paper.