Jerusalem Cruisers by Shamma Sandals

Jerusalem Cruisers, the original Shamma Sandal. Comfort, style, perfect for daily use and cruising around town.

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Warriors Sandals

Warriors, the technical specialist. Great for trail running, superb ground feel.

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Mountain Goats by Shamma Sandals

Mountain Goats, the unbreakable rock-muncher. Great for Hiking, Running, and Adventuring. Sturdy and tough.

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“The feeling is like running barefoot in a world that has been painted over with a small amount of protective rubber. The light weight and open design of Shamma Sandals allow your foot to naturally splay as much as they would when completely barefoot and that really helps to make them nearly “invisible” on your feet. The soles of both the Jerusalem Cruisers and Warriors provide the right amount of protection and tons of ground feel. In an industry where everyone likes to talk about their “barefoot-like” experience, these sandals truly deliver.”
- Jarvis,

“Simply the most comfortable and functional huarache sandals available. The goat skin top coupled with the Vibram sole forms to the foot and addresses the issues I have had with other floppier brands of huaraches, all while maintaining great ground feel. The strap system is also super strong and easy to adjust on the fly.

The customer service is just as good as the product. I happen to live very close to the Shamma headquarters, and Josh was more than happy to meet up with me multiple times to adjust my sandals and get them situated on my weird feet the correct way. It was just an awesome experience, and Shamma Sandals have earned a customer for a very very long time! 10/10, A+.”
- Jordan Ory, CA

“Shamma provides one of the most versatile sandal options out there at a totally affordable price. Furthermore, they have sandals that look good, too. Wear them on a trail run or to a casual work BBQ – it don’t mattaaaaa!”
- Marshall Moose,

“After having used your sandals a month I must say that they perform very well. Both the heel strap helper, the heel strap itself, and the velcro strapping work great! It is also very nice that they are so light without being “sloppy”.

Keep it up!”
- Henrik, Norway

“I absolutely adore these shoes. I started wearing VFF’s 5 years ago and haven’t looked back since. In the search for a good sandal, I’ve tried at least two other brands and wore a competitor’s product for 2 years straight. The Shamma Sandals are hands down the best of all the ones I’ve tried. Josh is also a pleasure to deal with and even custom made my pair because my feet were too wide for the templates. All in all I cannot say enough good things about these sandals and look forward to wearing them every time.”
- Ramesses, New York

“Hi there, I’ve clocked up a 100 or so miles of mountain trails in my Warriors since I got them last month, really great sandals, my other minimalist foot-ware has been relegated to the shoe-box.

The Warriors provide great traction, are easy to adjust and look fabulous. Many thanks Josh.

Looking forward to the Mountain Goats you’ve been working on for very rugged terrain.”
- Gareth, USA Armed Forces

“I switched from sneakers to the warriors and immediately felt what I’d been missing. The grip on these sandals is unbeatable, putting them to the test on steep rock inclines was a blast! I’m a huge fan of how the sandals are adjustable throughout so I can adjust them individually for each foot. The sandal literally hugs my foot, the sole being unbelievably flexible for how durable it is.”
- Keiley B., USA

“These things are great. If you normally run barefoot but need something for times when you go over rougher than usual terrain, then this is the answer. Took very little time to get used to also. After wearing them around the house for a few hours and tweaking the straps just right, I ran over 10 miles in them on the first time out with nothing but smiles.”
- Rob L., Palm Bay, FL

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At Shamma Running Sandals we are enthusiastic about minimalist and barefoot running. From the health benefits to the pure enjoyment of running unencumbered by heavy shoes and over-cushioned footwear, we love running in sandals, so we decided to bring our happiness to you!

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