Jerusalem Cruisers by Shamma Sandals

Jerusalem Cruisers, the original Shamma Sandal. Comfort, style, perfect for daily use and cruising around town.

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Warriors by Shamma Sandals

Warriors, the technical specialist. Great for trail running, superb ground feel.

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Shamma Sandals Classic Models

Classic Shamma Sandals models with a more traditional top buckle. Take your pick!

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“Made me re-think about the way I could free run with comfort, mobility, and outstanding flexibility!”
- Brendan Hughes, Santa Cruz, CA

“I absolutely love my Warrior sandals! I go to the beach a lot and they have been wonderful for running and walking on the sand. For the last 10+ years I have lived religiously in Rainbow sandals, and my Warriors are the first pair of sandals that I can honestly say make the best competition with Rainbows. They are so incredibly comfortable and mold to your foot instantly.”
- Allie G., Los Angeles, CA

“Love my Shamma Super Cruisers! They are comfortable, durable, good looking: I like how I don’t have to grip my sandals with my toes when I walk. I walk as if I’m barefoot, but have protection from rough terrain.”
- Meggie D., Santa Cruz, CA

“These things are great. If you normally run barefoot but need something for times when you go over rougher than usual terrain, then this is the answer. Took very little time to get used to also. After wearing them around the house for a few hours and tweaking the straps just right, I ran over 10 miles in them on the first time out with nothing but smiles.”
- Rob L., Palm Bay, FL

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At Shamma Running Sandals we are enthusiastic about minimalist and barefoot running. From the health benefits to the pure enjoyment of running unencumbered by heavy shoes and over-cushioned footwear, we love running in sandals, so we decided to bring our happiness to you!

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