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Customer Testimonial
I got a pair of these over a year ago, and they are my favorite shoes. I am about to buy several more pair. They are wildly comfortable, form-fitted, light. They protect my feet well from rocks, roots, twigs and the like, and, when worn properly, hardly ever allow for little rocks to get between my feet and the sandal sole. These are the best barefoot sandals you can get.
- Christopher Q.

Crafted with Care

Shamma sandals are precision crafted products made in Santa Cruz, California. Our suppliers are in the USA. We use the best materials we can find, from our military-strength webbing to our premium leathers and even to the thread we stitch with.

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Customer Testimonial
These have replaced my five fingers for running and have become my daily wear footwear when I'm not barefoot. Absolutely love them and the service / company!
- Jon
Customer Testimonial
The most obvious feeling is how light these are and the amount of protection they offer. Just buy these at this price and they are cheap compared to the competition and they look very nice by the way!
- Ryan

Thin, Durable, & Light as Air


At around 3oz a piece, your feet will be floating on air. Closest to barefoot without actually being barefoot.

Light weight and durable Shamma Warriors sandals resting on pine branches
Customer Testimonial
These are very durable and materials wore minimally after a year of hard use...I took them running, hiking, walking, shopping, living on a regular basis.
- Daniel M.

Built Tough

No Flip, No Flop

Shammas are made with rugged materials - premium thick leathers, dense Vibram soling, quality stitching and military-strength webbing.

Sturdy and strong, Mountain Goats sandals crossing the rocks
Customer Testimonial
Stop thinking about it, just buy these already. They're fantastic. I bought them for everyday summer wear, not running. I've had them for almost two years, they're holding up great and they're super comfy! I've had plenty of compliments and some people interested in getting them for themselves. Like I said, just buy them; it's worth it.
- Spencer

Premium Materials, Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted with Care

We work with US suppliers and Shammas are made right here with love in California. From our sole templates to our custom buckles, every little piece has been designed for your feet.

Jerusalem Cruisers on Cobblestones, looking fine

Hand-crafted, old-fashioned and proudly made with care in the USA. Shammas are built to perform and stay with your feet.

A Message From Team Shamma

Where we're coming from

Team Shamma is a group of outdoor enthusiasts, runners, and nature lovers. We're DIYers, minimalists, into hiking and camping, and a little bit of relaxing too. We never stop improving out sandals, because we are never satisfied. We are committed to taking your feedback and directly applying it to our products. We love companies that don't compromise, and keeping prices fair and local in a world where off-shore has become the norm. We started small and we've only grown because you have asked for more.

If you want to talk to us, give us feedback, ask a question, whatever, get in touch! A real human being will answer you. This is our passion, and if we can share it with you, nothing would make us happier.