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A New Kind of Sandal

Zero-drop Heel

  • A high cushion leans your body forward, taking you out of alignment and putting more pressure on your joints
  • Keeping your feet flat allows them to perform naturally
  • Restore your natural alignment, correcting your posture from feet to knees to hips to neck

No Formed Arch

  • Why do our feet have arches? Arches absorb energy with each step, like a spring
  • Stopping this spring process weakens the muscles in the foot
  • When your feet spring and move naturally, they grow stronger and gain balance

Freely Moving Toes

  • Your toes will splay when given the opportunity, letting your feet relax and take the shape that is most comfortable to them
  • Toes help to provide stability and propulsion when we walk, but can't do their job when not allowed to splay
  • Allowing your toes to breathe also prevents conditions like Athlete's Foot, foot fungus, and various blisters

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Thinking Flip-Flops? Think Again

Ultra Light Weight

  • Less impact with each footfall puts less stress on your feet, knees, and hips
  • Easy to pack and travel with, great for backpacking and hiking
  • Responsive Vibram soles restore your connection to the ground

Secured to the Foot

  • Secured to the foot with a one-of-a-kind lacing system, adjustable to fit your unique foot shape
  • No slipping like with flip-flops, enjoy the benefits of being barefoot and the performance of a shoe
  • Hike, run, climb, swim - it's all possible with the special Shamma Lacing System

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We Love Our Customers


Tried many, stayed with these

"I went through the normal process of Vibram Five Fingers, Vivo Barefoot, Luna Sandals but after I found Shamma there is no reason to look further. These sandals are just perfectly engineered and after having the first set for a year I was amazed how many improvements went into the ones I bought this summer. Also the price is really fair and the service is just amazing. I lost one sandal and Josh sent me a new left one within days."

- Tobias L., Switzerland

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