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What Are Athletic Performance Sandals?

Natural Foot Shape

Natural Foot Shape

  • Conventional shoes change the shape of your feet over time.
  • Your toes will splay when given the opportunity, letting your feet relax and take the shape that is most comfortable to them.
Natural Foot Motion

Natural Foot Motion

  • Your heels, arches, and toes act together like a spring, naturally absorbing energy with each step.
  • Conventional footwear prevents your feet from compressing and releasing energy naturally.
Regain Natural Senses

Regain your Senses

  • Cushioning in shoes dulls your senses, preventing your feet from giving you important feedback about your terrain.
  • Access to your natural senses encourages proper alignment, proprioception, and movement.

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  • Handmade in California, USA
  • Designed for high performance
  • Relentlessly tested
  • Only the finest materials
Vibram Duraflex A&E Thread Toray ToughTek

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