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Introducing Shamma Ultra Lacing

Hi Everyone, I am pleased to announce that we are making a major update to our sandals with our new Shamma Ultra Lacing. We are always looking for ways to improve the sandals, and for over two years now we have been testing Ultrasuede® in our lacing to improve their fit, comfort, and stability. Ultrasuede® is ultra-soft, very durable, it's washable, and it is a perfect match for our sandals. Ultra Lacing is thinner, softer, lays flatter, the connection points are smoother, and the laces are overall much more comfortable.

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Shamma Power Straps are here!

  A quick piece of news - Power Straps are here and are available now in the Shamma store.Click here to check them out.So, why did we make these? Power Straps aren't for everyone. We make all our sandals with the idea of giving you more foot support in the lacing, preventing your feet from slipping around. But sometimes you just need even more, an extra layer locking you down. We has some feedback that something like a tech strap would be useful in certain situations. The Power Straps are our answer to that, made especially for high-impact activities and sports.We've been working on these for a while, having them tested by runners, kayakers, foot doctors, trainers and so on. With the Power Straps, we...

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Win a FREE pair - Instagram Contest!

Hey everyone! We're hosting an Instagram repost contest for a FREE pair of Shamma Sandals! The way it works is simple - REPOST this image (and tag it with #winshamma if you like) for a chance to win! We'll randomly select the winner from everyone who's entered by reposting, and you'll win a coupon for a free pair of the Shammas of your choice! Sweet! This contest starts 5/26/16 and ends 6/1/16. Please note that this is a USA-only contest. Sorry to our International fans - we're cooking up some good things for you guys too, so stay tuned!

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