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Hip and Core Strengthening for Runners

A handy guide from our friend Dr. Mike! You can do these exercises with or without Shammas on, but having your feet flat on the ground is important. Gaining Hip and Core Stability to Improve Run Durability Courtesy of Mike Prevost, PhD In a previous article we discussed hip drop and its primary cause, hip and core weakness. In this article, we’ll discuss some simple exercises that you can do to improve hip stability. The weakness that we are trying to target is in two primary areas, the glutes, and the core. It is important to keep impeccable form throughout every set and repetition. We’ll start with the glutes. The primary muscle we are trying to target is the gluteus...

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Power Straps Now Available for Classics!

We have a new product for you! It's one people have asked about a lot, and it's here. Classic Power Straps Our popular Power Straps are now available for Classics models as well! Also, they're pretty stylin'. We've received a lot of positive feedback from people using our Power Straps along with their favorite pair - but up until now they've only been available for sandals with the Ultra Lacing system.Now, you can get Power Straps for any of our sandals, and get that extra layer of stability and lock-in great for high-impact activities. They're all-leather, with an easy snapping system that makes putting on and taking off a breeze! They work almost identically to our standard Power Straps, but...

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Shamma Sandals in Italy

Anyone out there speak Italian? There's a new review up for our Warriors at Six Jibe Sport, an Italian minimalist footwear store outside of Milan. They also stock our sandals if you're in the area and want to try on a pair! Ecco la prima impressione della prima uscita con i sandali Shamma Warriors, recensione di Riccardo Ageno! Article Link:   Happy Trails! - Team Shamma

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Cruisers are now Chargers! In with the new.

Cruisers will now be called Chargers. We've made a lot of tweaks and adjustments over the years and we've decided that the Cruisers name no longer reflects what the sandals do best, so we're officially renaming them! From now on we're calling them the Chargers. All of our sandals are geared for high performance, and the name just didn't ring true. There's good flip-flops out there, but that's not what we make here at Shamma Sandals. We want to let you know that Chargers are quite good for running and performing as active-wear, especially on hard and packed surfaces, and the new name, born from the powerful war horse of the same name, captures our idea better.   And to...

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Endurance Training Guide

Hey everyone! Star trainer Mike Prevost has written an in-depth guide on Endurance Training for runners and enthusiasts, and we want to give it to you. Get some great tips and tons of inside knowledge from a guy with more than 30 years of experience training and teaching athletes, US military and as Director of the Human Performance Laboratory. This guide covers tools and sample plans that will help you build your endurance. Get the Free Guide Here (PDF)   Mike's Bio: Mike Prevost earned a PhD in exercise physiology from Louisiana State University in 1995, specialized in muscle physiology and metabolism. He has trained athletes for many different sports including triathlon, ultra-running, surfing, power-lifting, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, football, basketball...

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