Limited Time Offer- $5.00 Shipping to Australia!

Now things are heating up! If you're in Australia, we have great news for you! Through the month of October, we are offering $5.00 shipping to Australia!

Make sure to check USPS shipping at checkout to get in on these huge savings!

Hurry, order now to save $16.00 on shipping! Limited time offer ends 10/31/19.


  • Cristian Moreno

    Will the shipping promo get sandals to New Zealand?
    I’ve been using the classic ones for over a year and love them. However, for the mountains, I sometimes need more grip and wish to have the thicker ones.
    I am about to run a race on Nov 9th and would be happy to show my sandals here and even promote them.
    Being an student any discount counts!

  • Melanie Lloyd

    I just out through an order #10399. A little disappointed to hear about reduced shipping right after. I do accept though that I was pushing the order through to take advantage of free powerstraps (after going back and forth on what to order for weeks haha)
    Could you confirm that I would get one of these deals?

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