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October 06, 2023 3 min read

Over the past ten years, we at Shamma have worked constantly to bring new products to you. Our company started with a simple huarache design that can still be seen in our Classic sandals. We then worked on the Supers, the Elite Lacing System, and the TrailStars Lacing System. All of these sandals and designed were focused on creating the best products we could for our customers. Each iteration focused on making the sandals lighter, more comfortable, and more customizable. This aspiration to constantly improve our products has culminated in the creation of our newest sandal, the Numa. The ultimate minimalist lifestyle sandal, the Numa is a casual sandal that focuses on comfort and ease of wear.


Translated from Greek, the word Numa means “spirit”. We set out to make a sandal that felt as if your feet were floating, unencumbered by stiff straps or clunky footbeds. After months of design and revisions we created a sandal that makes it easy to forget you are even wearing shoes. The breakthrough design of the Numa starts with the newly developed lacing system. In the place of Velcro is a new custom-made elastic band. The elastic moves with the foot and provides automatic adjustment during movement. The laces on the Numa also use a modified Elite heel strap, creating more security between the sandal and the foot. This prevents your toes from scrunching to hold the sandals or having them slip off your feet. A tension lock on the side allows you to pull the elastic to the exact size of your foot, creating a perfect fit out of the box.  All that needs to be done to the sandal when you put them on is a simple adjustment and your sandals are ready to go. We focused on ease of use for the Numas, making sure they are a breeze to take on and off. Contrasting our other sandals, the Numa was designed specifically for everyday wear. We wanted to make sure that every aspect of the laces of the sandal was designed around comfort and wearability, creating a product that made even our closed toed shoe wearing employees make the switch!

Another major design update for the Numa is the streamlining of sole options

available. The Numa currently comes with the option of two soles, and several footbed options. The first option is a 5mm tread sole, also known as the Warrior sole. Our thinnest option, the Warrior sole is lightweight and incredibly flexible. This option is perfect for those looking to have the lightest sandals possible, or want a small bit of tread underfoot. The Warrior soles come with both an UltraGrip and tan leather footbed, giving you the choice of how you want your sandals to feel. The second available sole is a 9mm soft sole called the Charger sole. One of our most comfortable options, the Charger sole is made from a soft foam like material, compressing to the exact shape of the foot. The material of the Charger sole provides a quick break in period to create an easy transition into minimalist footwear. The Charger sole is available with the same footbeds as the Warrior option, and includes a special black leather footbed. All soles and footbed options are available on the Numa product page, creating one place where you can choose your options to make the sandal perfect for you. We wanted to make the ordering process as easy as possible to follow the design philosophy of the Numa being easy to wear and easy to love.

The Shamma Numa will officially launch on December 8st, 2024. To make sure tat the Numa are available for Christmas, preorders are available now. The first 200 preorders will ship in time for Christmas, making them the perfect gift for everybody! The rest of the preorders are likely to ship before Christmas, but are not guaranteed. If you want to confirm you pair for the holiday season, make sure that you preorder your pair right now. We are incredibly excited to launch this sandal, and have worked hard to make the perfect pair of minimalist lifestyle sandals! Keep your eyes out over the coming weeks to learn more about the Numa, such as key design choices and production processes. We hope you love the Numas as much as we do, and we can’t wait to get your pairs to you!

Happy Trails.

Josh Stiles
Josh Stiles

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