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Now Featuring the Elite Lacing System 2.0!

A durable sandal with a barefoot feel - Flexible like a Warrior, rugged like a Mountain Goat- Warriors Maximus give you durability, protection, and grip in a thin and flexible sandal so that you can adventure roughly with a barefoot feel.


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    kevin d.
    Canada Canada

    Long-term review. 8.5/10

    I ordered two pairs of warriors maximus for me and my partner last November. I believe we have both used it long enough to warrant a review. For her side, she immediately used it on a month long trip around Asia - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and the travel in between. She used it as her main footwear while walking in different cities, relaxing in beaches, and some adventure tourism. She was quite pleased with it on her return, although with one exception. She reported how the lacing system would stink even after it dries. Drying definitely takes longer due to the material, and it holds to smells even after washing with soap. Couple that with a humid environment, which does not help, the top of your feet and sandals would smell. This I experienced myself when we went to Vietnam for a few weeks. Based on how I deem the trail is, I have also used these as my hiking footwear . For reference, I've used these on Landslide Lake in Strathcona Park and Cape Scott Trail in Vancouver Island BC, and also in Panorama ridge in Garibaldi Park in mainland BC. All these are rated hard in Alltrails due to the length and/or technicality of the trail. Although, by no means am I promoting its usage on these type of trails, for example my partner would not be using them on said hikes - although she did use hers on Juan de Fuca trail. These sandals are also our main camping footwear. As you can probably tell by now, these are my main sandals whenever possible, and they have been used and tested extensively. I have used different sandals over the years and I would say that the lacing system is a notch below Bedrock Cairns' in fit and security (although I would not want Bedrock Cairns' thick lacing system on these Shammas, they're just different type of sandals). The middle buckle could definitely be better as it sometimes moves affecting the fit, especially so when they are wet. Because of this, if you are planning on using them in and around water, be prepared to stop and adjust constantly. Aside from that these are my favourite sandals to use. The shape is better and wider than Bedrock Cairns as I find those too narrow and a tad too long for my size. If I plan on using them outside the city, I definitely prefer the ultragrip footbed compared to the goat skin on my Warrior sandals( these warrants a review on their own). While on the footbed, the area around the toe post on my right sandal developed a crack which causes the toe post to come out. Because of this, I no longer use them on "hard" days. They are now relegated to walking sandals. Too bad. Durability wise, these could last up to 1.5 to 2 years(maybe shorter/longer) depending on usage. Which is not that great as I had my Bedrock's longer than that, which also outlived my warriors, and could also outlive the maximus based on how they look right now. Wish we can upload pictures for reviews. Again, I am only mentioning Bedrock Cairns as a reference for some as it not a fair comparison. A better comparison to the Bedrocks Cairns would be the Shamma Ibex, which I would love to try and review. However, based the pictures and info on the Ibex, it would probably have the same lacing problems as the maximus. I should also note that we had encountered shipping problems to Canada when we ordered it. It took us contacting Shamma for it to be rectified. I should also mention that when I ordered the warriors before, I didn't have any shipping problems - so one of two. Overall however, I would definitely recommend Shamma to anyone looking to try these type of sandals. I have now tried two of their thinnest sandals and would love to check out the Ibex, maybe in the future.

    Ben T.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Super sandals

    I've just bought a second pair of these after 3 years on road and trail, including 2 half marathons. Incredibly durable, and the velcro straps haven't let me down. Only a little tweaking needed for the new pair and I was off again. Slight rubbing on the instep to begin with but nothing serious, and to be expected. Always a conversation starter, and I'm very grateful to Shamma for making these - without them I would probably have given up running by now. Thanks again.

    A Shamma Sandals Customer
    Eric C.
    United States United States

    My favorite size

    My use case is everyday life not epic wilderness hikes. I’ve tried various Shamma sandals and these are my personal favorites. I like the thickness of and grip. Excellent, will buy again.

    Marcelo M.
    United States United States

    First Foray

    Picked these up to replace a pair of Xero Z-Trail EVs after having some issues with their sizing/straps. First off, I really enjoy the shape, especially the forefoot area, almost perfect width and shape for my foot. A bit wider and boxier than the Z-Trails, and in a 12.5 end up fitting me much better than them overall. Part of the issue with those being getting caught between two sizes. The only complaint fit/shape wise for me being the toe post feeling a few millimeters too deep, which may relate to some of my other complaints. Full disclosure, I might be biased in that area, and it's my first-time using sandals with a toe post for long time, I've previously hated them, and was skeptical about these. I did end up having some issues with chafing and blisters for a few weeks, possibly because of my virginal big toe gap... but they mostly cleared up after a week or two of band-aids and callous building. I've enjoyed them a lot since, but still have some issues with the toe post which I'll talk about below. I've mainly used them for casual wear and put them to work on some trails here in Arizona, which are generally very rocky. They've done very well overall, though the soles are wearing through a bit faster than I'd have liked, especially with the expectation I had from them being Vibrams. Also, I can't go flat out on them in the rockier/scree covered areas without pain from the odd mid-foot or heel strike. Not sure I can expect much more from them on that, though I was hoping that between the thickness of the Maximus and the Vibram sole that they would be a bit tougher and absorb a bit more. No complaints on the grip, though with the textured tread nearly gone in the heel and forefoot already I’m a bit worried about what the future might hold. They also shift around a bit on the forefoot for me a bit more than I'd like, which is not an issue most of the time, but does present a bit when at speed. especially when cornering and with more tactical descents on rocky areas. This also causes some frustration for me with the toe post being the only thing holding them in place in the forefoot, allowing them to shift more than I'd like, and putting a lot of pressure on that big toe gap. In that area I'd probably prefer something like over the toe lacing from the Z-trails, which can be made really snug, but, had some issues with both the fit and securing of the heel area with those that I don't with these. Yours having a better shape in the ankle area for me, with a narrower width that ends up being a better fit, along with sturdier lace material that braces a lot better when pushed laterally and gives more support. I feel that forefoot movement also forces me into more mid-foot and heel strikes than I'd like, leading to more pain. After a few weeks of pretty hard wearing they've handled what I've thrown at them surprisingly well, and for anyone not toe post averse, or taking these on really rocky trail outings, I'd strongly recommend.

    Dawn A.
    United States United States

    Perfect sandal when camping

    Hi, I just spent 3 weeks in Yosemite and my Shamma Sandals were the best sandal to wear camping. They stayed on when walking in the Merced River by wearing my power straps. Thanks!

    Thinking of transitioning to barefoot running?

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