Shamma Versus Teva

What sets Shamma Sandals and Teva sandals apart? Checkout the video to see for yourself. Josh compares Teva sandals with Shamma Mountain Goats. 




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  • Chris Speakman

    Not really a fair comparison. The old Tiva Zilch was a minimalist sandal that would be much more comparable… Not sure you can still get it though, Sadly!👣

  • Luis

    What about Chaco Sandals vs. Shamma, or Luna vs. Shamma… Have a good one,

  • Monika

    Thanks for the video. It’s strange: last saturday I was out for shopping completely barefooted, when I found in an outdoor shop Tevas. Some people years ago, recommended it to me. And in the past I always liked this type of lacing. Only for curiosity I tried one model. First thing I noticed, having them in the hand, was the excessive weight.
    Have to say that I have seriously problems with my left foot, doctor means it’s athrosis, (x-ray says it’s in both feet) but only the left one hurts a lot. In shammas I feel more or less comfortable, if I don’t have to walk too long on a hard floor, but at work I can’t wear shammas. So back to the Tevas: have had a lot of pain in the morning, but barefoot now I was painless. Putting on, one on my left foot (the bad one) and giving the bodyweight on this leg, I instantly feel an awful pain in the middle foot. Putting sandal out → painless – > put it on again – > pain at its worst!!! Not sure if it was caused by the archraiser, or the higher heel, maybe the heel!

    So thanks again for the video and creating this great stuff! ;-) surely next year I will purchase an other pair, if only the shipping to Germany would not be such a mess (custom)

  • c strawbridge

    Watching the Teva v Shamma video. Thong-style all the way! Thanks Shamma!

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