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Black Classic Power Straps

Power Straps add an extra layer of security and support to your sandals. Classic Power Straps are designed specifically for our Classics leather models.

This is the black leather version of our Classic Power Straps. Also available in rich brown leather. Free Shipping with an order of sandals!


These Power Straps are designed for All Blacks, but can also be used for Cruzers.


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    angela m.
    United States

    Itchy but amazing

    These are the best fitting and most comfortable Sandals ever. The thinnest ones are the best… two issues though- the leather dye comes off on my feet which makes me feel sketched out. Second is the synthetic black fabric of the sandal makes my feet itch right where it touches my skin. I wish they had a 100% natural material, and selected leathers that have no dyes. Would be cool to have grounding thread but can’t have it all!

    Lindsey N.
    United States United States

    power straps provide security

    My feet are secure in the Cruzers. They significantly reduced the shifting of my smaller right foot in the sandal. I don't like that the velcro catches on the webbing and abrades it. Overall, I couldn't wear the sandals without the power straps so I'm glad I bought them.

    Jade F.
    Canada Canada

    Great Sandals Slow Shipping

    I got the super blacks and the sandals themselves are amazing. My favourite pair of shoes. It did take a while to get them to fit perfectly but once adjusted they are great. The power straps on the other hand when I ordered the recommended size half the velcro was exposed cheapening the look and putting unnecessary wear and tear on the straps. In addition, as I live in Canada the shipping took a month to arrive and a 27$ fee I was not previously aware of had to be paid after the original shipping fee was paid. I would really appreciate free shipping to Canadian residents and/ or customs fees covered.

    Elsie H.
    United States United States


    I wore my shamma for the first weeks without the power straps to see whether I needed them. I have felt really good in the sandals, but the heel strap on one sandal would always slide down. I just added the power straps, and they make the sandals perfect for me. I love having the added security so that the sandals stay attached to my feet like shoes, but are able to breath and be free. I have been wearing these everyday since I received them. My only gripe with shammas is that sitting cross-legged or sitting in a kneeling position is a bit uncomfortable, because of the bulk on top of the sandal, but I still love these. I am even weight training in them and going for walks. My feet hate being stuck in tennis shoes, and I love the foot-freedom that shammas have given me

    Ben T.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Trail masters!

    The power straps on my new Warriors Maximi make all the difference. My legionary exploits round a 14 mile trail run in Hampshire last weekend really put them to the test - and I wasn’t left wanting. Praeterea et altius!

    Thinking of transitioning to barefoot running?