Footbed Guide

We offer various footbeds with our sandals. We use natural, premium-quality hides for all of our leathers. Please note that with our leather footbeds, leather is a natural product, and there will be variations in color, grain, and texture. We think of these variations as a thumbprint – every pair is unique, and will warm to your feet as you take care of your sandals.

Tobacco Brown Goatskin Leather

Shamma Footbed Tobacco Goatskin

Hardy goatskin with a rich tobacco brown color. A little more texture than the cow hides, goatskin is strong, durable and supple. You'll find this leather on our Warriors, Chargers, and Mountain Goats.

Hide House Brown Leather

Shamma Footbed Hide House Brown

Premium brown deer-tanned cowhide leather is a luxurious cow leather stained to a rich mahogany brown. It is hardy and supple, and softer than our goatskin.

Deer-tanned cowhide feels like deerskin, but it's tough and durable. This is a great leather and you can find it on our Classics models.

Hide House Black Leather

Shamma Footbed Hide House Black

Premium black Hide House leather – the same as the above Hide House brown, in go-with-anything black.


Shamma Grip Top

The Grip Top is a footbed made with a textured rubber. It gives you a lot of traction. Grip Top is our thinnest, most minimal footbed. It will also perform better when wet compared to leather. You can choose Grip Top on most of our models.

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