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A Quick Guide to Transitioning to Running Sandals

Quick Guide to Running Sandals by Mike Prevost

In this quick guide, PhD Mike Prevost leads us through a safe and reliable process for transitioning to minimal footwear and running sandals. Download the PDF guide below!

Nothing has been more riveting or disruptive to the running industry since the spawn of barefoot running sandals and shoes. With the introduction being so new, the transition from traditional running shoes to a barefoot feel can be daunting and difficult.

Backpacking in the mountains

In this guide, United States Navy CAPT, Mike Prevost, details the proper steps for the transition. Thankfully, he reveals how he went from a cadence of 87 to 90 and at times, as high as 98! In addition, he addresses the heel-strike vs mid-foot strike and run gait correction.

Barefoot Transition Graph

The guide includes graphs, references, and about a 2.5-year outlook walkthrough for your barefoot sandals transition. Whether you're transitioning to barefoot or not, anyone can take something valuable away from this brilliant ebook.

Thinking of transitioning to barefoot running?