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Mountain Goats Adventure Story

Off-Road excellence

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to some of the most beautiful and challenging trails on the planet. Designed to meet the demands of backpackers, Mountain Goats are minimalist sandals that feel most at home in the mountains. The sturdier, but still minimalist design will set your mind at ease while you take in the views and find that perfect spot to set up camp.

Heart & Sole

The sole of the Mountain Goats is what separates them from the rest of the flock. Our goal was to create a sandal that is sturdy enough to protect your feet on all manner of broken granite and gravel, while still being lightweight and giving you the ground-feel and feedback you expect from minimalist footwear. We accomplished the goal by combining Vibram Newflex and Morflex to create an 11 millimeter sole that has great traction and durability, yet is still extremely lightweight (5.5 oz per size 9 sandal), with a comfy ride. Mountain Goats have the heart and the sole to go the distance.

Comfortably Secure

When you are carrying a 40 pound pack over high mountain passes, every step counts. Our Elite Lacing System (ELS) will make sure you are secure every step of the way. The ELS is our fifth generation lacing system, and it is the result of endless testing and development. With three zones for adjustment, it is easy to get the perfect fit. On those long hikes, you will appreciate the Ultrasuede lining that keeps your feet comfy and blister free mile after mile.

Walk through

Don't let water crossings slow you down, or leave you soggy the rest of the day. Made from Toughtek®, our Ultragrip footbed maximizes contact with your foot while allowing water to exit via relief channeling. With our UltraGrip footbed, you will find yourself walking through water rather than around it.

Leather anyone?

Leather brings a level of comfort and refinement to the trail that is unsurpassed. We personally select each leather footbed from premium American goatskins. Goatskin leather is tough and durable, designed to perform well on the trail. Mountain Goats with a leather footbed are always up to the challenge, and will provide you with many comfortable miles of backpacking.

Ready for Adventure

We've put the Mountain Goats to the test and they've passed every time. Where will YOU take them?

Thinking of transitioning to barefoot running?