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Achilles Armor

The Achilles Armor is an optional accessory to your sandals, for when you need a little extra comfort and security in the heel area. Achilles Armor attaches directly to your back heel strap, giving you security and added comfort. Achilles Armor can easily be taken off of the sandals and put back on, so you have the option of using it when you need extra security, and going full minimal when you don't! Made from high quality aniline leather, Achilles Armor is pliable and will mold to your heel, creating a personal fit just for you.  Great for running, backpacking, or just hanging around!
Achilles Heel Armor is compatible with our Elite Lacing System, Super Lacing System, and Classic Lacing System. Is not compatible with Cruzers.
Mahogany Brown
Dark Brown

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