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Custom Sole Shape

We're happy to provide the option to get a custom sandal shape! If you need a sandal sole that is shaped differently than our standard sole shapes, you've come to the right place! Please follow the instructions below to get your customs sandals.


To begin the process, go ahead and add this custom sole shape to your cart, along with the type and size sandal that you would like to purchase. Any of our sandals are customizable! 

We recommend that you print out one of our sizing templates, preferably one with the size that most closely matches your foot, to ensure you are ordering the correct size. Custom sandals are non-exchangeable, so we recommend double checking your size before ordering. Please make sure that the template prints to scale by comparing the measuring mark on the paper with a physical ruler or tape measure. If you would like help with sizing, please email us at contact@shammasandals.com.

Then, you can trace the sandal shape that you would like on the paper. Please trace the exact shape that you would like- including any additional room that you would like to have around the sandals (please note that this is different from tracing your foot itself).

Once you have your tracing complete, you can scan your tracing over to Hailey at contact@shammasandals.com (please scan the tracing using a physical scanner or printer with scanner abilities. Please do not use a phone app, as phone apps will not keep your tracing to scale). Please include your order number in the email as well. 

Once we have the tracing, we will review it, ask any additional questions, and then get to work on your order!

Please note- custom sandals are considered non-returnable or refundable. Custom sandals have an additional charge of $40.00 on top of the regular retail price of the sandal model you choose. We will make your sandals exactly fitting to the tracing you provide, so please double check all measurements to ensure it is accurate before you scan your tracing to us. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Sizing Templates


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