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Power Straps

Power Straps are additional, optional straps for your sandals, and they give extra support and security when needed! Power Straps are not required for the use of our sandals, however they are helpful when you are doing more intense activities (such as long runs, intense hikes, or water use). They also provide a nice feeling of security, especially if you aren't used to barefoot shoes. Power Straps are easy to put on and take off of your sandals, so that you can get extra security and support when needed, and go full minimal when not!


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Power Straps are compatible with our Elite Lacing System. For Power Straps that are compatible with our other sandal models, please see Classic Power Straps and Super Power Straps.


Hand Selected Materials

Individually selected American tobacco-brown goatskin leather is tough and durable. Perfect for running, this leather brings comfort and refinement to the Warriors. Best in dry conditions, it becomes tackier with small amounts of moisture like foot-sweat. No-slip Insole / Outsole post design keeps the heel strap up and in position at all times.

elite lacing system

Elite Lacing System

Our fifth generation lacing system is the most comfortable and secure system out there. With three adjustment zones it's easy to get the perfect fit. Constructed and lined with Toray Ultrasuede® for maximum comfort, these laces hug and contour to your feet.

High Performance

The lightweight minimal design of the Warriors LE makes them ideal for running. Especially hitting the trail at high speed, Warriors LE are the ultimate minimalist running sandal. The flexibility of the sole coupled with the Elite Lacing System, make the Warriors LE feel more like a glove than sandals. Leather only makes it better!

high performance

Thinking of transitioning to barefoot running?