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June 08, 2016 1 min read

Shamma Power Straps


A quick piece of news - Power Straps are here and are available now in the Shamma store.

Click here to check them out.

So, why did we make these? Power Straps aren't for everyone. We make all our sandals with the idea of giving you more foot support in the lacing, preventing your feet from slipping around. But sometimes you just need even more, an extra layer locking you down. We has some feedback that something like a tech strap would be useful in certain situations. The Power Straps are our answer to that, made especially for high-impact activities and sports.

We've been working on these for a while, having them tested by runners, kayakers, foot doctors, trainers and so on. With the Power Straps, we needed something simple - easy to put on your sandals, easy to take off when you don't need them, they had to be lightweight, and strong, and portable. Sometimes the simple things take longer to figure out - we tried a number of things that seemed great but just didn't work. They're here now, and they're simple, but we think they're great.

The response has been positive and we're liking the new level of control we get on trails, mountain biking, and all sorts of things. We're starting to see pictures of people running races and rocking the mountains in Power Straps crop up on Instagram and so on, and we're liking it. So, if you're into hardcore stuff and you need that next level, pick up a pair of straps and give them a spin.

Power Straps ship free with a purchase of sandals.

Daniel Chamberlin
Daniel Chamberlin

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