Introducing Shamma Ultra Lacing

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that we are making a major update to our sandals with our new Shamma Ultra Lacing.

Shamma Sandals MGs with Ultra Lacing

As with all our changes, we spent a lot of time testing new materials to see what would improve our sandals without cluttering their design with something unnecessary. We are always looking for ways to improve the sandals, and for over two years now we have been testing Ultrasuede® in our lacing to improve their fit, comfort, and stability. Ultrasuede® has been used in athletic apparel for years, it is ultra-soft, very durable, the colors don’t bleed (making it washable), and it is a perfect match for our sandals.

Shamma Mountain Goats with Ultra Lacing

It became apparent last summer when doing a 40 mile backpacking trip at Kings Canyon National Park that we needed to include Ultrasuede® in our lacing system. For this trip I used a prototype lacing system with Ultrasuede® on my right sandal and the standard lacing system on my left sandal (I never actually wear two sandals that are exactly the same because I am usually testing various materials against each other). The first day both sandals performed beautifully as we climbed past 3000 feet heading from Roads End to Junction Meadow with our 40-pound packs.

The next day was a much bigger hike, from Junction Meadow (8,000’ elevation) over Glen Pass (11,978’) and back down to Rae Lakes (10,000’). By the end of the day I had a hot spot on the heel strap with the standard webbing. The sandals with the Ultrasuede® had produced no hot spots, and still felt super comfy two days into the hike, and continued to stay comfortable throughout the entire hike. It was right then that I became determined to include Ultrasuede® in our lacing system.

Warriors Sandals Grip Top and Ultra Lacing

Since that time we have been working on refining the final version of the laces and I am happy to say the extra time has paid off. We settled on a design where we use two layers of Ultrasuede® on the insole strap and heel strap. By doubling up the Ultrasuede®, we are able to eliminate any webbing in these sections of the laces as well as the webbing we used to connect the two sections of webbing together. We’re also including this update for the Power Straps.

Shamma Cruisers with new Ultra Lacing

This means that the lacing is thinner, softer, lays flatter, the connection points are smoother, and the laces are overall much more comfortable. One other benefit of doubling the Ultrasuede® is that it has allowed us to include a small “pull tab” at the end of each strap. The pull tab makes it even easier to make adjustments on the go. We also think it’s improved the look of the sandals. Finally, we’ve moved away from sewing on our logo and are now branding it into the heel strap. We call it Ultra Lacing.

I hope you are as excited about these updates as I am. I truly believe they are our best laces yet and it is my sincere hope that they serve you well on all your adventures.

Josh backpacking in ShammasHappy Trails!

Josh Stiles


  • Yann

    What model would be best for daily 3-mile (1-way) walks to work on pavement & concrete? [Or, which one would you prefer?]

  • Daniel @ Shamma

    Hi everyone!

    Alec – They’re available now! All sandals have been upgraded to the new lacing. Please note this doesn’t apply to our Classics models, which have their own lacing system.

    David – Good question! It should be possible to retrofit but ask Josh for final word on that –

    Jean – Thanks for asking! It depends on the terrain. If it’s a road race, we recommend Cruisers. If it’s on difficult terrain likes rocks, tree roots and so on, the Mountain Goats work well. Many people use Mountain Goats for marathon runs. For 5k the Cruisers may work best. Warriors are our thinnest and lightest model, and some people run in them on both street and off-road, but they will not give you padding so you will feel the ground.

    Thanks for your questions!

  • Alec Godwin

    P.s. meant to add the new suede ultra lacing, when will they be available with the sandals ie for sale on your website. Thanks

  • Alec Godwin

    Hiya, When will the Shamma Sandals be available to purchase with the Ultra Lacing?

    Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Alec ?

  • Jean LEblanc

    What is the best choice for running 5 k race. I’m running With minimalist shoes now. Excuse me i just speake french. I’m from Quebec Canada.Thanks

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