50% Off Overstock 4th Generation Shamma Sandals

It's another Shamma Yard Sale!

Here's your chance to get 50% off Shamma Sandals. Discount applies to select sizes and styles. 



Check out the spreadsheet below to see the available sizes and styles at time of post. If you find a pair you like, email contact@shammasandals.com with your request. If we still have your requested pair, we will send you an invoice. Our small team gets lots of emails for these sales, so we appreciate your patience. 

Remember, all Yard Sale orders are non-returnable.



  • Jonathan

    Hey guys, wondering if you have any of the warrior ultragrip in size 8 left. I have a pair of old goat leathers, and love them, but living in a country with monsoon means I need something that handles water a bit better. thanks.

  • Brian

    Hi there! Assuming that the chart is correct, and you don’t have a size 9 available for any of these models, do you still have any of the mountain goat leather in size 8.5?

  • Deb Hindman

    I would like a pair of mountain goat ultra and mountain goat leather size 6

  • larry miller

    am repeating a request for 12 and one half leather warrior if available.thanks

  • Francisco Muniz

    Hi, How can I Buy a Warrior Leather size 8.

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