April Savings Sale!

Happy April!

Have you ever noticed our Super Collection of sandals? Our Super collection consists of quality Shamma Sandals, with the footbed and laces being made of SUPER comfortable leather. These sandals, along with all of our other sandals, are handmade in the USA by a small, family owned and operated company. Supers are amazing minimalist sandals, which look super classy, too.

Sound enticing? Well you're in luck, because we are offering a huge 20% discount on Super Browns and Super Goats! These are incredible savings- and if that's not good enough, we are also offering FREE power straps with the purchase of any adult sized Elite Sandal! Two great deals, so that you can save this April. Hurry and get in on this awesome deal! To save big on Super Sandals, go here, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. To get free power straps with your Elite sandals, use the discount code below when purchasing a pair of sandals from our Elite collection.

Discount Code for FREE power straps with any ELITE sandal:



And don't forget- our Yard Sale is still happening! For more information on how to get 50% off select Shamma Sandals, click here!

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