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Every Day Adventures

A Great day right outside your door

What's your ideal day? A jog first thing in the morning to get things going? Riding your bike to your favorite coffee shop to meet up with friends? Heading to the disc golf course for a round?

In Santa Cruz California where Shamma Sandals are made, we know that the best vacation can be a staycation. We love big adventures, and our sandals are designed for elite performance, but you don't have to be far from home - or pushing yourself to the limit - to have great day in your Shammas. Whatever makes your day great, Shammas take you there.

A little water never hurt anyone

Shiloh is a trout's worst nightmare. He knows all the best fishing holes, and he has all the right gear to make the big catch. He loves his Chargers because they are lightweight and stay on his feet when he wades in to make the perfect cast. Trout beware!

Great day to hit the course

Faith and Brian love to spend time together at the disc golf course. They choose to play in Warriors because they like the flexibility and ground-feel in the tee box. Fore!

Hiking the Bluffs

TK and Alivia love exploring the coastal cliffs of Santa Cruz. TK likes the ride and ground feel of the Chargers, while Alivia prefers the traction and sturdiness of Mountain Goats. They both love the ocean views and the company.

I'll meet you downtown

Steph and her friends love to take their Shammas downtown to go shopping, see a movie, and catch up at their favorite restaurant.

Sunset Stroll

There's nothing quite like a sunset walk through the park. Check out Sonja and Billy in their Mountain Goats, and see how easy it is to stroll in Shamma Sandals!


Steph is looking very stylish in her Super-Browns. Comfortable and stylish, this model has been a secret and customer favorite for some time, and now we're going to release it for everyone. Stay tuned.

Thinking of transitioning to barefoot running?