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The spiritual successor to our original sandals, the Elite Chargers are perfect in urban environments. Designed to tackle asphalt and concrete, Elite Chargers provide a small amount of cushioning for added comfort and protection. If you are looking for a lightweight minimalist sandal tuned to deal with hard city streets, then look no further than the Chargers!


Chargers use a 6mm Vibram® Morflex sole coupled with your choice of our UltraGrip or Tobacco Brown Goatskin Leather footbed. Chargers have a 7mm total stack height. A blend of rubber and EVA, the Morflex compound is known for being lightweight, with a firm but cushioned feel underfoot. Morflex is also known for a quick break-in time. While not as thin as the Warriors, Chargers are a better choice for people who want to go very thin but would like a small amount of cushioning. Pair with the UltraGrip footbed for use in the harshest elements, or select the Goatskin Leather for more comfort in drier conditions.

Elite Lacing System

The Elite Lacing System is the product of 10 years of relentless testing and development. This lacing system is designed with control, comfort, and performance in mind. Three independent adjustment zones - the heel strap, insole strap, and toe straps - give you total control over how the straps are adjusted to your feet. Velcro® fasteners make adjustment easy and secure. The Shamma Elite Buckle gives you the ability to fine tune your toe strap, where adjustment matters most. Our innovative and flexible heel posts keep the straps in an optimal position so you can focus on the road ahead. The Elite Lacing uses Toray® UltraSuede to create the highest levels of comfort available. If you want the highest performance laces, you want the Elite Lacing System!  


Just because you wore a hole in your sandals, it doesn’t mean you have to throw them away! Our modular approach to sandal-making means that worn out parts can be replaced with a pair of pliers at home. Why throw away what you can repair? Visit our Parts Page to learn more!

Made in the USA!

Proud to be made in the USA and we wouldn’t have it any other way! All of our sandals are made right here in Santa Cruz, CA by our small team. Follow us on Instagram and Youtube to get a glimpse of how we do it on a regular basis. 

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Anthony A.
United States United States

Re-connected and it feels so good

This is my second pair of minimalist sandals and a very welcomed one. The overall experience has served my needs well. While the first pair (from another brand) lasted for about a year, they definitely helped set the initial stage. However, Shamma is reaffirming why these continue to be my primary "footwear" — aside from being barefoot, and trust me, that says A LOT! What really caught my attention was the strap design. The comfort level of this exceeds my first minimalist sandal experience. It doesn't pull as hard on the toes and feels much more natural in function. Not to mention, the design aesthetic is a bonus. Equally important for me. While not enough to change the review rating, I will say that the end of the strap does become loose after some time, even with the elastic "buckle" loop. This does require some readjusting here-and-there but it is NOT a deal-breaker. If the product team can figure out a solution so the end strap remains comfortable, yet stays secure, it'd be a very welcomed upgrade. I also enjoy how interchangeable the soles are and how they can be purchased separately. Something the previous brand doesn't offer and swayed me. While I did opt for a slightly thicker sole from the first sandal, it is very nice to know I can swap it out with a thinner version without much fuss. Aesthetically, I do enjoy these the most and have even been complimented on numerous occasions. Thank you Shamma for this attention-to-detail. This goes hand-in-hand with the functionality though as sometimes I can forget they are even on my feet — product engineering at its finest. Longevity and durability seems to be playing well so far (being 6 months in with daily wear) but deserves more time for an accurate review. Nothing has had major malfunction (knock on wood). And as a small detail, I really enjoy that the branding isn't trying hard to be noticed — allowing the product to take the spotlight. While this may be minor to others, it is a selling point for me as a minimalist. I've been happy to share who makes them upon numerous conversations. To me, it shows the Shamma team is allowing the quality of their product to do more of the talking than anything else. A refreshing and authentic approach to an already ego-centric competitive, heavily-marketed and overproduced society. Keeping it intentionally real and simple is why I see Shamma as my go-to footwear at this time of review. Thanks again Shamma! It's been a breath of fresh air ᵕ̈ ∿

Dolores H.
United States United States

Great sandals

Love my Shamma sandals. They're so comfortable. It took two tries to find exactly what I wanted but Shamma made it easy to return/exchange.

Hilarie M.
United States United States

Only shoes my husband wears all summer!

This is the 2nd pair I’ve bought for my husband. He would go barefoot if it was allowed but these are the next best thing. Only shoes he will wear all summer! He’s an avid outdoor guy and wears these while hiking, mowing the lawn, anything. He loves them!

Ben D.
United States United States

High quality lightweight sandals

I bought this to use for hotel bikepacking as a lightweight and packable sandal that still had good foot retention and enough of a sole to walk around town comfortably on asphalt and light gravel. It took me a while to decide on the right model but I think the Chargers are the right tradeoff of light weight, durability, and price for my intended usage. At 250g for size 13s they're less than half the weight of my normal flip flops and can pack flat against the sides of a bike bag.

Cassandra P.
United States United States

absolutely love em

stoked me out for sure! aloha

Shamma Sandals Chargers Review

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